Voltic Model CLXXX (181) VRI

Voltic Model CLXXX (181) VRI



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Revision 11
Parent 5676025270763520
Original 5752728554831872

Veno was left to die in this game. No support, no downloads, no bookmarks, no nothing. Recently Veno and Volitc teamed up. This is what they created: Finalized after days of trial and error, the Model CLXXX (181) [VRI] is ready for production. It took the entire team a whole week to find the perfect design that Volitc and the market would enjoy Veno: POWERING THE FUTURE *


Length 9.25 m
Width 3.75 m
Height 1.62 m
Weight 4.364 t
Toughness 1410
Offense 0
Defense 0
Thrust 2400
Output 14070
Cost Coin 3840 / Gold 0
App Version 1.2.3