VecTrec COMET Cannon v.1

VecTrec COMET Cannon v.1



Craft ID
Revision 1

An unfinished work-in-progress experimental weapon being designed by VecTrec. The COMET Cannon v.1 is a giant supercannon designed to obliterate any obstacle in its path. As of now, we’re working on strenghtening the railcannon’s power, fortifying the body of the COMET, and researching for a better turret ring to improve the supercannon’s turning speed.


Length 8.75 m
Width 3.75 m
Height 3 m
Weight 6.247 t
Toughness 2050
Offense 1530
Defense 560
Thrust 4000
Output 10620
Cost Coin 245640 / Gold 0
App Version 1.2.3