Prescesky VELOCITY [X] 2025 VC

Prescesky VELOCITY [X] 2025 VC



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Was the VELOCITY 2025 CONCEPT not enough? Well this is the VELOCITY [X] The Velocity was always insane in technology but the Velocity [X] takes that to a whole new level 9 pannels steer the car through the air and you can pull all these pannels back where the car can reach an incredible top speed The driver requires a G-SUIT when driving the VELOCITY [X]


Length 8.75 m
Width 4.25 m
Height 1.62 m
Weight 4.773 t
Toughness 1500
Offense 0
Defense 110
Thrust 4800
Output 13310
Cost Coin 24160 / Gold 0
App Version 1.2.3