Cyclöne X-R5345 R-TCE 2020

Cyclöne X-R5345 R-TCE 2020



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Revision 1

A car that can Change your eyesight on the road, a car that flashes right before your eyes, what else would you need? Its also tough with two V10 engines and 2 Comfortable seats for the driver and passenger, FYI this is the first ever Cyclöne car, so if there are any issues with the design or the features, I will immediately improve it... this is the Remastered version, this is free


Length 7.38 m
Width 3.25 m
Height 1.62 m
Weight 2.175 t
Toughness 720
Offense 0
Defense 0
Thrust 0
Output 7250
Cost Coin 0 / Gold 0
App Version 1.3.2